Cremosano, Italy




Laurit is a gel disinfectant, bactericidal, virucide (including flu viruses), refreshing, emollient at complete evaporation, to be used without water. The particular gel structure allows a fast absorption on the skin, guaranting a more complete and uniform disinfection. Of flower smell, fruity and citrusy, the alcoholic mixture evaporates completely, decreasing the local skin temperature and giving a pleasant feeling of freshness.
The high biocide power of ortophenylphenol, united with the alocoholic mixture, guarantes a high skin disinfection.
Laurit succeded activity tests EN 1500 (about biocide activity) and EN14476 (about virucide activity), and it has been dermatologically tested resulting non-irritant for uninjured skin.

How to use

Some Laurit drops are enought for a high skin disinfection, then wipe your hands until the whole product has been evaporated. To be used whenever needed.

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