Cremosano, Italy

Our History

Pharmatek-pmc was born in 2003 at Cremosano, close to Milan, with a prductive site of just 400 square meters. In just over ten years, the company has grown up arriving to involve all the departments, from the research and development one to the logistics. In particular, the fast growing of the R&D has gifted an appreciable flexibility to the company: from "just" hand-gel sanitizer production (of which Laurit is the flagship product), the overall production has been diversified, involving other kinds of skin-care articles (such as cosmetics and cosmeceutics), effervescent tablets and, from 2016, other medical devices important for Man's health.

Our activities

Pharmatek-PMC production is nowadays diversified, with a strong attention to igenizing and skin-care products. The company works closely to its clients, in such a way to guarantee and follow every product from the purchasing of row matherials to its packaging.

Pharmatek abroad

A lot of coutries aprreciate Italian manifacturing. From 2014, the company distributes its products in countries like France, Bulgaria, Niger, Togolense, Saudi Arabia and Tunis, always considering every local law. The possibility to interact with such different clients is seen by the company as an important opportunity to grow up even more, to improve its products and services providen.